Last Two Months

"The proportion of people surviving pancreatic cancer is very low, and the length of time between diagnosis and death is typically short, usually less than six months." 

Cancer Research UK, 2012

This body of work was created in the last two months of Colin Thornton's life. He was first diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in June 2010. From the beginning he refused to believe he could be beaten by the illness, and throughout he was unconvinced that he could die from it. Whilst being hospitalised for a short period of time in July 2011 he refused to ask if the illness was terminal. After leaving the hospital in August 2011 Colin travelled to South Africa, and on returning was no much better than when he had left. Due to Colin's strength & willpower, the doctors had no idea how long he would live.

Colin was a very positive person. Early on in life he developed a strong interest in cycling and went on to represent Wales in four Commonwealth Games; during this time he broke national records. Later on in his life he climbed many mountains throughout Europe, including Ben Nevis and Mont Blanc, and at the time of his diagnosis was planning on climbing Mount Everest. His motto was "If you say you can, you will; if you say you can't, you won't".